Port Pirie Pools Without Lifeguards and Swimming Teachers

jonathan chng N3VEiHD8Sec unsplash

Port Pirie's pool operator is set to run a lifeguard accreditation session later this month.

Off the back of a lifeguard and swimming teacher shortage across the Spencer Gulf, Port Pirie's aquatic programs could be at risk.

Aquatic services co-ordinator, De Irwin, says they are on the hunt for lifeguards aged 16-years or older across three pools.

She says a lifeguard position is ideal for uni students returning to their hometown over summer.

Lifeguard accreditation is a TAFE certificate one which also gains points for high school students completing their SACE.

The session will be held at the Port Pirie Aquatic and Leisure Centre on August 26 and 27.

Photo by Jonathan Chng on Unsplash