Moonta And Burra Edging Closer To World Heritage Listing


Work towards the World Heritage Listing goal for Moonta and Burra is continuing. 

World heritage consultant Barry Gamble updated the Copper Coast Council on the bid, during a visit to the area last Wednesday, June 15.

Mr Gamble said during his visit, "Moonta and Burra are on top of the list because of the combination of the two sites." 

From here, Mr Gamble will be looking to seek local, state and federal support, saying that if the process is really pushed along, the two locations could be found on the World Heritage List within the next four years.

Copper Coast Council mayor Roslyn Talbot says a World Heritage Listing will have several benefits for Moonta, including retaining history for future generations and boosting tourism.

Moonta and Burra's Cornish mining sites were added to the National Heritage List in 2017.

Photo: By UNESCO