Few Tractor v. Powerline Prangs Reported In The Mid-North

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As sowing season begins across the region, SA Power Networks are calling for vigilance, with 13 separate incidents of farm machinery hitting powerlines already reported.

Head of corporate affairs, Paul Roberts says most of the incidents have occurred on the Eyre Peninsula where seeding is more progressed, but there have also been a handful in the Mid-North.

Mr Roberts says all 13 incidents have occurred since March 11, and on average there are about 20 such incidents each year, but normally only three or four at this stage of the year.

SA Power Networks says serious injuries or even fatalities can result from farmers hitting powerlines and poles with farm machinery while working on their properties.

"Powerlines also can be difficult to see, especially in dusty conditions, so confirming their location before you start work, could avoid serious injury or even save a life,” says Mr Roberts

To help farmers plan their work, they can access GPS mapping of South Australia's electricity distribution infrastructure via the Look Up and Live app and website www.lookupandlive.com.au

Image by Ken Haines from Pixabay