SES Issues Severe Weather Alert For Flinders And North East Pastoral

alex gruber tMSBWAUuSfo unsplash

A severe weather warning alert has been issued by the State Emergency Service in the Flinders Ranges and southern parts of the North East Pastoral districts, today.

Rainfall totals could hit 30-50mm today and even heavier falls of 50-90mm tomorrow, which may cause ponding and overland flow, with rises in local creeks and localised flooding, and roads also potentially impacted.

With the forecast of heavy rain over the next few days the SES recommends you take action now to make sure that you and your family stay safe.

The SES recommends you be prepared for the possibility of power outages, if it is safe to do so you should ensure gutters and drains are clear, and secure any loose outdoor furniture or play equipment.

For SES assistance phone 132 500. If the matter is life-threatening call 000 (triple zero).

For further updates head to the SES website:

Photo by Alex Gruber on Unsplash