Clean Seas Setback In Kingfish Stocking Operations

cristian palmer XexawgzYOBc unsplash

Clean Seas has reportedly suffered a setback in launching its operations in Fitzgerald Bay following the loss of 40 thousand fish due to a mechanical failure.

The fish were being transported from Arno Bay in a tanker when an oxygen pump failed, the dead fingerlings were then unknowingly put into the water and later had to be recovered.

One of the dead fingerlings was found by a local fisherman who showed a photograph to another recreational fisher before the issue was confirmed by Clean Seas.

Clean Seas chief executive officer Rob Gratton has assured that there is no impact on the community from this incident.

Fishers claim Clean Seas should have been more open with the community, instead of the incident being uncovered through third-party sources.

Despite this setback, Mr Gratton says the juveniles in the water have been performing well in terms of growth and survival.

The lost fish will be replaced in the next run.

There are currently 14 employees at Fitzgerald Bay and the company is now seeking another seven employees in the Upper Spencer Gulf.

Photo by Cristian Palmer on Unsplash