Bushfire Safer Places and Refuges, Bushfire Season Just Around The Corner

jo anne mcarthur oitD52FFUu0 unsplash

With a fire weather warning issued for the North West Pastoral and Eastern Eyre Districts yesterday and the official start of bushfire season coming up fast, the CFS acting director of preparedness, Joel Taggart, has spoken out on the concerning number of residents who don’t know where their nearest bushfire safer place or final refuge is.

Following the last bushfire season a survey showed more than 40 percent of South Australians living in bushfire-prone areas did not know what a bushfire safer place was, nor where they could find it.

A bushfire safer place is used by people who need to move from a bushfire zone early, often more heavily built-up areas, or townships less prone to bushfire danger.

A bushfire last resort refuge is a place to go when your bushfire plan has failed, commonly an oval, which offers very little protections and does not provide access to food or amenities.

Mr Taggart is urging community members to prepare their five-minute bushfire plan, and to identify where the nearest bushfire safer place is.

The bushfire season starts from November in some areas, including the Flinders districts.

Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur on Unsplash