Don't Be Fooled By The Cape Tulip Toxic Weed

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A toxic weed disguised as a pretty flower is now emerging in the Mid-North.

The Northern and Yorke Landscape Board is calling on graziers and landholders to hunt down the pest plant called ‘Cape Tulip’ and help remove it from local properties.

Landscape Officer, Ben Page, is urging the community not to be fooled by the poisonous plant’s attractive orange-pink flowers.

“It contains toxic chemicals called glycosides that most commonly affect cattle. The toxins affect the heart and can even cause death when consumed by stock,” says Mr Page.

The Cape Tulip (Moreaea species) flowers in October, meaning early spring is the best time to locate infestations and seek weed control advice.

To report sightings of Cape Tulip, contact the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board

Phone: 8841 3444 or Email: [email protected]

Image by FotoRieth from Pixabay