Minlaton Medical Centre's Future Left In Limbo In Light Of Sale

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Minlaton medical centre could become the next medical casualty in our region if a buyer is not found before the end of November.

Owner Adelaide Unicare was set to sell all four of their practices to company, Better Medical, however they have now withdrawn their offer for two of the four sites including Minlaton and their emergency facilities.

Unicare CEO, Michael Chalk, claims the difficulty in securing GPs is seen as a hurdle by potential buyers.

This comes as the centre will have to divert its emergency services yet again next week due to staffing concerns, from 8am Wednesday (September 22) to 8am Thursday (September 23) and from 6pm Friday (September 24) across the whole weekend before reopening at 8am Monday (September 27).

Image by Darko Stojanovic from Pixabay