Region Vaccination Rates By Council Area

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In the most recent data released by the National Department of Health, has provided a glimpse into how the vaccine rollout is going in local government areas across the region, with some councils faring the best in the state and others falling short.

Orroroo/Carrieton and the Flinders Ranges council areas are well above state average in the rollout, while Peterborough and Goyder are trailing on the fully vaccinated average.

The Peterborough District Council area currently has one of the lowest vaccinations in the state, sitting at 44.7 percent for first doses, and 21.4 percent fully vaccinated, making the district’s fully vaccinated percentage the second worst in the state.

Allegedly the Peterborough Hospital was originally administering the vaccination but stopped in August, leaving the local Peterborough Pharmacy to provide the community with AstraZeneca vaccinations.

SA health has now also indicated that Pfizer vaccinations will commence at Peterborough in the next week, with bookings opening soon.

For vaccine information, locations, bookings and/or eligibility details, head to:

State Average

- 59.4% first dose

- 40.6% fully vaccinated


- 75.5% first dose

- 45.5% fully vaccinated

Flinders Ranges

- 66.7% first dose

- 44.8% fully vaccinated

Northern Areas

- 63.8% first dose

- 36.4% fully vaccinated

Clare and Gilbert Valleys

- 63.0% first dose

- 40.1% fully vaccinated

Barunga West

- 62.6% first dose

- 45.8% fully vaccinated

Yorke Peninsula

- 61.8% first dose

- 38.7% fully vaccinated

Copper Coast

- 58.3% first dose

- 40.0% fully vaccinated

Mount Remarkable

- 57.4% first dose

- 31.8% fully vaccinated

Port Augusta

- 56.5% first dose

- 39.2% fully vaccinated


- 55.6% first dose

- 31.7% fully vaccinated

Port Pirie

- 54.8% first dose

- 36.4% fully vaccinated


- 54.4% first dose

- 38.0% fully vaccinated


- 49.5% first dose

- 30.1% fully vaccinated


- 44.7% first dose

- 21.4% fully vaccinated


Image by Angelo Esslinger from Pixabay