Bill Before State Parliament To Increase Fines For Unnecessary Speed Limit Signs

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Road crews who unnecessarily leave speed limit signs out around roadworks could be slapped with a $20,000 fine, under new laws introduced into state parliament on Wednesday.

Independent MP Fraser Ellis says his Bill will seek to put an end to needless traffic disruptions which have a significant impact on crucial freight transport and tourism experiences.

Mr Ellis announced should the Bill be passed, speed limit signs will need to be removed from a work site at the end of each day, provided there are no lingering safety concerns.

Under the proposed legislation, those leaving signs out unnecessarily would face a $20,000 fine for a first offence and $50,000 for further transgressions.

The state government in March announced new regulations that would hit companies responsible for roadworks with $1250 fines if incorrect speed limit signs were unnecessarily displayed.

However, Mr Ellis claims he receives a “significant number of complaints from locals” about unnecessary speed limits, and says the current fines do not go far enough to deter the frustrating practice.

Image by Acquaforte from Pixabay