Country Pub Owners Urge Authorities To Reconsider Regional Lockdown

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Country pub owners are calling for authorities to rethink strict covid lockdowns on regional South Australia with no cases reported in the area.

This comes as the State announced a full seven-day lockdown from 6pm on Tuesday after a fifth person tested positive for Covid-19 in the city.

Rob Rankine, who runs the Dalrymple Hotel in Stansbury, believes more consideration should be given to allowing regional businesses to continue operating when the outbreak is localised to the city.

Marree Hotel’s Phil Turner, has anticipated the restrictions will cost his business 350 thousand dollars this month alone.

A bubble or a ring has been suggested so people in the city cannot leave and regional communities might be able to remain open for business.

Locals have also been left to question whether a country town outbreak would cause the lockdown of the city.

Only weeks ago, country MPs were calling on authorities to remove long-suffering regions of SA from the snap lockdowns and restrictions should the outbreak occur in the city.

Image by Michael Bordießer-Krauth from Pixabay