Hawker Bowling “Ballin” after funding boost

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The 26 members of Hawker’s Belconnen Bowling Club have received some fantastic news to kick off the new year. The loved Belconnen Club in Hawker has received a major funding boost of $244,600 from the National Radioactive Waste Management Scheme.

The program has been developed to support projects that provide social or economic benefit to local communities in and around Kimba and Hawker. The program provides up to $4 million dollars with $2 million available in each region.

Hawker Bowling Club will be installing a retractable shade cover over their greens in hopes to create a more pleasant atmosphere, particularly during extreme weather. The shade will reduce heat and ultraviolet radiation all year round and will extend the life of their synthetic green.

Club president Arthur Tanner said the club was “grateful” for the support it received from the wider community during the application process. “Without the support of so many people and groups, we wouldn’t have gotten very far,” he said.  The funding will be an important boost to the club as they are looking to increase engagement within the community and develop more members.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay