Insect Trapping Technology Tested on the Yorke Peninsula


yp smart trap

Insect trapping technology is being tested on the Yorke Peninsula and could be a game changer for farmers.

Dr Michael Nash, Agricultural Consultant with the Northern & Yorke Landscape Board, is currently trialling DTN Smart Traps, which have on-board cameras to detect, count and report on pests, as a tool for integrated pest management.

Dr Nash said, “Australian Growers have been delivering very high-quality products for a long time to our consumers and with increasing scrutiny on the crop protectants they use, to ensure top quality products this project is helping growers monitor more efficiently those pests, particularly caterpillars that may cause damage to lentils, beans and those sorts of crops.”

When asked what the trail will look like Mr Nash said,“With new technologies, Smart Traps that take photos every night, will give more timely information to Growers, so the crop protectors are only applied at the right time. “

“We're also trialling the use of pheromones rather than the traditional sweep netting as a more efficient method of monitoring, so larger areas can be monitored quickly.”

He went on to say, “In Australia there is no issue using insecticides or pesticides, but more and more overseas customers are concerned with the chemicals that are required to protect crops, so of course the Australian grower is wanting to ensure that those markets have the cleanest and greenest possible products.”

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