Heart Foundation Hands Outs Cash

healthy runner

Mid North locals could soon become more active thanks to a new funding initiative.

According to the Heart Foundation 73% of those live in and around Port Pirie are not active enough, but all that could change with the ‘Active Australia Innovation Challenge’ which offers $10,000 grants for community-based projects designed get people moving.

The Peterborough District Council previously scored funding through the challenge with their ‘Youth Powerlifting Project’ for at-risk local youths, which was located at the Peterborough High School.

The program encourages young people get to work with weights, and socialize, whilst learning about goal setting and making healthy lifestyle choices.

Applications for the ‘Active Australia Innovation Challenge’ will remain open until the 12th of October with more information HERE.

Imelda Lynch, the CEO of the Heart Foundation in South Australia and the Northern Territory said, “Sometimes people need a bit of extra motivation to get moving, and they need the right opportunity and bit of support so they can take part.”

“That is what this Innovation Challenge has been designed to do, to encourage more people to get moving, more often.”

Photo Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels