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British Police on Poo Watch


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A bloke in the UK was arrested all the way back on January 17th, on the suspicion of Possession with Intent to supply class A drugs, and he decided he’d challenge police to the waiting game, as he decided to conceal the drugs… internally.

As a result, police took up the challenge, with the local magistrate issuing a detention order for 190 hours as they ‘waited for the male to male to pass the contraband. The 190 hours came and went, without the suspect… going, so the courts gave the order that he remain in custody until his next hearing, and the waiting game continued…

And continued

And continued


He is being monitored by the National Health System, but he's still holding

As the latest court order draws toward it's conclusion, the man looks set to be headed back to Discuss with the magistrate why he's still refusing to er... go.