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Is it too hard to ask for some internet connection, please?

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After weeks of speculation, of biting fingernails and of apprehension, I have finally had my first experience with a well known Australian telecommunications company.
Sit back, grab some food, perhaps a nice beverage and kick back...(or if you're in the work place, keep one internet window related to your work open to make it look like you are in fact working, then alt tab back here.) Here is my story.

via GIPHYIt's funny to think how spoilt for choice we are in our comfortable society! If we think back around 25 years the idea of dial up internet was exciting, now-a-days we tend to complain if we get .5 of a MBS slower on our internet speed! So I was excited no matter what-I couldn't wait to jump onto the net and surf for one of those friend style recliner couch's: "DRAW". 

via GIPHYMr Telecommunications said he would arrive at 1pm, so I sat by the door and waited, panting like a dog waiting for it's owner to come home.  By hour two: I had moved back from the door to the hallway, bouncing a ball against the wall; basically Steve McQueen.

via GIPHYHour three: I was contemplating breaking my diet, eyeing off the rest of the hot chocolate tin, praying for Mr Telecommunications to arrive soon to save me.

Hour four: The hot chocolate tin was destroyed and with tears gushing from my eyes I was already shovelling chips into my mouth.

Hour five: By hour five, (call me crazy), but I thought maybe he wasn't coming...I'd recieved no call and I was out of food...I had to make a I called Mr Telecommunications.

It turned out Mr Telecommunications simply didnt let anyone know he wasn't coming-so after waiting for two weeks for my precious couch surfing platform, I was

informed i'd have to wait another two weeks.

So here we are today, two weeks of waiting and five hours of more accurate waiting has lead me another two weeks of waiting.

But it's okay, i've written an angry letter, which tends to fix all of the worlds problems.



Well...time to go out and buy some hot chocolate and chips for the next stake out.