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Keira hits back at Jarrod


Image Source: Instagram

The Bachelor's Keira Maguire has given her two cents about her unexpected breakup, hitting back at ex Jarrod Woodgate.

Last week Jarrod revealed he broke up with Keira, saying: "Her Instagram following is overwhelming and it was taking over our relationship... I’d spend two days a week with her and it [was] basically all Instagram-based. It’s hard because you’re competing with 177,000 other people that follow her, but I shouldn’t have to compete.”

Now Keira wants to set the record straight.

Speaking on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Keira said:

“We had a little bit of an argument then he went back to the farm and we kind of chatted and I was like ‘I’m a little bit upset’ and he was like ‘yeah, I don’t think this is working out.

“I wasn’t expecting that, I thought we could’ve resolved it. I haven’t even seen him since it happened and that was like four weeks ago. We have spoken on the phone but we haven’t actually spoken in person which is a little disappointing.

“We were really good up until the show, we were together for six months before the show aired and then watching it back, we really struggled. I think seeing each other in that light was really overwhelming and we just never really recovered from it.

“We probably should have spoken to someone because I don’t think you really explain what you go through when you’re watching yourself back and watching them dating and liking other people. It’s very overwhelming.”


But what about the accusations she spent too much time on Instagram?

“Look there probably is some truth to it. I think when you’re in the spotlight and you meet someone there’s so much extra pressure from your followers, they have these expectations of what you should and shouldn’t be doing and how many photos you should be posting. I’d get constant messages of people being like ‘are you broken up with Jarrod? Where are the photos?’ So I felt obligated and I guess I probably did put that pressure on him but I think saying I’m obsessed is a little bit of a cop out and to break up with someone over that is also a cop out. These are all very fickle comments and I think there’s a lot more substance to what we had and to just say ‘I broke up with her over Instagram’ is insulting.

“If I was a little bit involved with my phone he probably did take it a bit personal but have a chat with me about it mate, don’t go to the media and say you broke up with me for that reason and you haven’t even spoken to me about it.”

Keira also revealed she would “only see him on the weekends”, despite them living together.