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Gladiators could be revived by some unlikely celebs


Australian Gladiators series 3

It was Ninja Warrior for the ‘90s, the greatest show on TV featuring latex costumes and giant cotton buds: Gladiators.

The memories… fitness gurus with bad X-Men names smacking people with punching bags or crushing them between their thighs while hanging from the monkey bars - it’s everything Ninja Warrior lacks.

The show fizzled out around the turn of the millenium before failed reboots in both the US and Aus back in 2008, but now the American version could be set to hit screens again thanks to a very unlikely celebrity.

If you were to name celebs you’d think would bring back Gladiators, your shortlist would probably include The Rock, Vin Diesel, Arnie and the Gladiator himself Russell Crowe - you are so far from the mark.

In this new version that MGM is reported shopping around, the executive producers include John Ferraro - the series’ original creator, and…

Seth Rogen.

Yep, Seth Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldblum could be bringing us Gladiators 3.0.

Fingers crossed this gets off the ground and Seth is called in to host.