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Exciting news for Serena Williams and it's not tennis related...

Serena Williams (USA)

Serena Williams has revealed she is expecting her first child.

The Greatest female tennis player of all time took to snapchat to announce she is 20 weeks pregnant.

Williams can be seen wearing a yellow bathing suit with the caption ‘20 weeks’.

serena williams.jpgThe 35-year-old only just announced her engagement to her fiance co-founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanian in December.

This will be the couple’s first child.


My only regret is not pointing my toe sorry coach Garry 🙈

A post shared by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on

Fans were quick to congratulate the 23 Grand Slam winner but many also did the maths and worked out that Serena was pregnant when she won the Australian Grand Slam this year!

Serena really is one of the most amazing and talented woman in the world.


We wish her the best through her pregnancy.

Hopefully there will be another little Williams running around on the tennis courts in the near future.

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