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Man with world's longest fingernails has cut them off

Remember all those afternoons after school spent reading The Guinness Book of Records and watching the Guinness World Records TV show?

Do you remember the guy that held the title of World's Longest Fingernails??

Well... He's cut them off...


Image Source: Ripley's Belive It or Not

82-year-old Shridhar Chillal started growing his fingernails in 1952, apparently after being told off by a teacher for accidentally breaking a nail.

The nails had a combined length of 909.6cm when they were last measured.

He grew the nails on his left hand only, so he could still use his right hand for daily tasks, although now his left hand is permanently handicapped.

In 2015, Shridhar said his nails were so fragile he needed to be careful when sleeping, and had to "move his hand to the other side of the bed" every half hour.

The nails are now on display at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in New York City.

RIP to the fingernails.


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