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Apparently Australia isn't a country; American Professor may be on seek for a new job

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We’re not a country, we’re a continent.
Apparently a US professor just failed her student’s project because; “Australia isn’t a country.”
It was at the United States‘ Southern New Hampshire University.


Poor young Ashley Arnold says At first I thought it was a joke – this can’t be real. Then as I continued to read I realised she was for real.
With her education levels, her expertise, who wouldn’t know Australia is a country? If she’s hesitating or questioning that, why wouldn’t she just google that herself?
The unnamed professor, who has a PhD in philosophy, gave Arnold a score of zero on several sections of her assignment. When Arnold politely confronted her about this, even providing references proving that Australia is, indeed, both a continent AND a country, the prof doubled down.

When Arnold came back to her with a link to the Australian government website’s “About Australia” section, her professor finally agreed to “do some independent research on the continent/country issue“.
Arnold filed a report with the university, saying, “I’m not going to fail because I chose a country that IS a country.“
Meanwhile all of Australia is just this right now: