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Racoon gets head stuck in peanut butter jar, says later it was "totally worth it"


Have you ever cracked open a bottle of Nutella, of peanut butter or cream cheese, gotten right down to the very bottom of the bottle and just couldn’t manage to get the last bits out?
It’s a difficult place to be in:” Why throw this jar out”, you say, “When there’s still a bit in there”.
And if push came to shove, you’d put your head inside that jar just so you could get your moneys worth.


Well that’s what this raccoon was thinking, when he managed to get the last dregs out of a peanut butter jar…only to have it stuck firmly upon his head.

Thankfully, Two wildlife rehabilitators, Cathy St Pierre and Bobby Horvath were on hand to save the Racoons day and get the jar off it’s head.
So in future, if you’re thinking of getting stuck into a jar, make sure you have someone employed to help remove it when you’re finished.