UniSA Experts Seeking Farmers Who Have Experienced Chronic Pain

June 21, 2023 5:22 am in by

A team of UniSA experts are exploring what chronic pain means to Australian farmers in a move to improve the way chronic pain management strategies are delivered in rural communities.

They are currently seeking farmers who have experienced chronic pain to participate in this ground-breaking study.

Rural health expert, UniSA’s Associate Professor Kate Gunn, says the study will address a serious gap in pain management among farmers

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This new study is all about giving farmers a voice so that we can gain insight into how they perceive chronic pain, how it impacts upon their work and life, and importantly, how they would like to be assisted to manage it, in a way that fits with their preferences and lifestyles.

More info here or for further information, email Assoc Prof Kate Gunn or PhD student Indika Koralegedera