Truck licence law changes to be proposed in Parliament

May 15, 2024 12:40 pm in by

A petition calling for changes to truck licencing following the death of three truckers in a collision on Eyre Highway, Yalata on 4 April has cracked over 15,000 signatures.

Petition organiser Delphine Mugridge says the death of her husband, Neville (Slim) Mugridge, along with the other men, has initiated a huge response from truck drivers nationwide.

She says many drivers are considering hanging up their boots because the roads are too dangerous.

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“My husband died on the 4th of April in a collision that could’ve been avoided,” Mugridge says.

Six amendments have been proposed as part of the petition to make the roads safer.

“I’d like to see all driver’s be tested by Australian testing centres, have the appropriate driving [hours] between when they get their licence and they’re fully off P plates to when they get the MC licence, and that they know all the ways of reversing, hooking up trailers, anything to do with driving a truck before they’re allowed on the highway.”

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Tom Koutsantonis says his heart goes out to the families that lost loved ones in the accident.

“The circumstances remain the subject of an investigation and it is not appropriate to speculate on that, the Minister says.

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“However, I will seek advice from my department about these proposed reforms and what implications they might have for the industry more broadly.”

The signatures will be brought before Parliament to keep these concerns top-of-mind with decision-makers.

You can get involved by signing the petition here.