The Statues Have Been Removed on the Port Wakefield Highway

May 18, 2023 5:11 am in by

Sad news for some iconic roadtrip landmarks, five of the seven statues have been removed on the Port Wakefield Highway.

On Saturday, volunteers coordinated by the Coalition of Coastal Communities moved the giant Ned Kelly, Rat, Tin Man, Space Ship and Cockroach from Lower Light on the Port Wakefield Highway.

These statues were erected in the late 1990s from farming scrap to protest the Dublin Dump.

Due to a decline in their condition, The Coalition of Coastal Communities coordinated the relocation of the statues after lobbying for some time.

Coalition chairperson John Drexel says people shouldnt worry though, the statues arent bound for the scrapyard, but are instead off to be restored in Elizabeth with early plans to have them on display in Dublin, still visible from the highway.

The final two statues, the Blowfly and the Environmental Observer, currently remain but plans are in motion to have them moved as well.