Port Pirie Regional Council Adds Significant Crystal Brook Family to the Approved List of Road Names

July 14, 2023 5:33 am in by

Port Pirie Regional Council has added the name of a significant Crystal Brook family to the Approved List of Road Names to be used for naming of a future new Crystal Brook road.

Hurst has been added to Council’s list of approved street names, recognising the contributions of John Henry Hurst and his three sons Allen, Doug and Rex Hurst.

John Hurst formed the blacksmith and engineering business which became known as JH Hurst and Sons, serving the communities of Crystal Brook and the surrounding district for nearly 40 years.

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The Hurst men were well-known for their service in Crystal Brook which including the Crystal Brook CFS, Bowling Club and St John Ambulance.

Port Pirie Regional Council maintains a list of approved road names and periodically undertakes a public call for names to be added to the approved list.

Road names may include fallen servicemen and women, long term resident families in the community and any person who has achieved state, national and international recognition.

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