Australia’s First Commercial Vanadium-Flow Battery Expected to Be Operational by August

June 27, 2023 12:52 am in by

Bungama, outside of Port Pirie has completed Australia’s first commercial vanadium-flow battery, expected to be operational by August.

Yadlamalka Energy has been undertaking the Spencer Energy Project where the battery, with a capacity of 2 megawatts/8 megawatt-hours, is connected to a grid of solar panels and will store around 10 gigawatts of dispatchable solar power annually.

Vanadium-flow batteries offer advantages over lithium-ion batteries, including longer duration and lifespan of up to 20 years.

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They are non-flammable, withstand extreme heat, and can be replaced easily, contributing to their longevity.

This development marks the first commercial use of a vanadium-flow battery in the Southern Hemisphere and is seen as a significant step toward a vanadium revolution in energy storage.

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