Community Guide

Whyalla Football League Games

Sat 13 Apr 2019 to Sat 24 Aug 2019

Upcoming games for the WFLG
See grade specific game times and results here

WFL League - 2:20pm, *8pm
WFL Reserves - 11:40am, 12:20pm, 6pm
WFL Thirds -10:30am, 6:30pm

WFL League matches as follows:

Round 5 - 11th May
Weeroona Bay v South Whyalla (Bennett Oval)
West Whyalla v Roopena (Memorial Oval)
North Whyalla v Central Whyalla (Bennett Oval)

Round 6 - 18th May
Central Whyalla v Roopena (Bennett Oval)
Weeroona Bay v West Whyalla (Memorial Oval)
South Whyalla v North Whyalla (Bennett Oval)

Round 7 - 25th May
Weeroona Bay v North Whyalla (Bennett Oval)
South Whyalla v Roopena (Memorial Oval)
Central Whyalla v West Whyalla (Bennett Oval)

Round 8 - 31st May
Weeroona Bay v Central Whyalla (Bennett Oval)*
West Whyalla v South Whyalla (Bennett Oval)
North Whyalla v Roopena (Memorial Oval)

Round 9 - 7th June
Roopena v Weeroona Bay (Bennett Oval)*
Central Whyalla v South Whyalla (Bennett Oval)
West Whyalla v North Whyalla (Memorial Oval)

Round 10 - 22nd June
Central Whyalla v North Whyalla (Bennett Oval)
South Whyalla v Weeroona Bay (Memorial Oval)
Roopena v West Whyalla (Bennett Oval)

Round 11 - 29th June
North Whyalla v South Whyalla (Bennett Oval)
Roopena v Central Whyalla (Memorial Oval)
West Whyalla v Weeroona Bay (Bennett Oval)