Community Guide

Northern Areas Football Association Games

Sat 11 May 2019 to Sun 18 Aug 2019

Upcoming games for the NAFA
See grade specific game times and results here

A Grade - 2:50pm
B Grade - 1:05pm

Under 17 Senior Colts - 10:50am
Under 14 Junior Colts - 9:25am

A Grade matches as follows:

Round 6 - May 25th
Crystal Brook v Orroroo (Crystal Brook)
Booleroo Melrose Wilmington v Broughton Mundoora (Melrose)
Southern Flinders v Jamestown Peterborough (Wirrabara)

Round 7 - June 1st
Jamestown Peterborough v Crystal Brook (Jamestown)
Orroroo v Booleroo Melrose Wilmington (Orroroo)
Broughton Mundoora v Southern Flinders (Port Broughton)

Round 8 - June 15th
Southern Flinders v Crystal Brook (Gladstone)
Jamestown Peterborough v Booleroo Melrose Wilmington (Jamestown)
Broughton Mundoora v Orroroo (Port Broughton)

Round 9 - June 22nd
Crystal Brook v Broughton Mundoora (Crystal Brook)
Booleroo Melrose Wilmington v Southern Flinders (Melrose)
Orroroo v Jamestown Peterborough (Orroroo)

Found 10 - June 29th
Crystal Brook v Booleroo Melrose Wilmington (Crystal Brook)
Broughton Mundoora v Jamestown Peterborough (Port Broughton)
Southern Flinders v Orroroo (Wirrabara)

Round 11 - July 6th
Jamestown Peterborough v Southern Flinders (Jamestown)
Orroroo v Crystal Brook (Orroroo)
Broughton Mundoora v Booleroo Melrose Wilmington (Port Broughton)

Round 12 - July 20th
Booleroo Melrose Wilmington v Orroroo (Booleroo)
Crystal Brook v Jamestown Peterborough (Crystal Brook)
Southern Flinders v Broughton Mundoora (Laura)

Round 13 - July 27th
Booleroo Melrose Wilmington v Jamestown Peterborough (Booleroo)
Crystal Brook v Southern Flinders (Crystal Brook)
Orroroo v Broughton Mundoora (Orroroo)

Round 14 - August 3rd
Southern Flinders v Booleroo Melrose Wilmington (Gladstone)
Jamestown Peterborough v Orroroo (Jamestown)
Broughton Mundoora v Crystal Brook (Port Broughton)

Round 15 - August 10th
Booleroo Melrose Wilmington v Crystal Brook (Booleroo)
Jamestown Peterborough v Broughton Mundoora (Jamestown)
Orroroo v Southern Flinders (Orroroo)

Round 16 - August 17th
Crystal Brook v Orroroo (Crystal Brook)
Southern Flinders v Jamestown Peterborough (Laura)
Broughton Mundoora v Booleroo Melrose Wilmington (TBA)